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Shape up Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated to make an impact. I help wellness business owners simplify their strategy, so finding new clients is straightforward & stress-free.

Marketing That Packs a Punch

Marketing your business can feel overwhelming & it may seem like you need to be on every channel, all hours of the day to have a chance of standing out. Well, I’m here to tell you that just isn’t true.

I will show you how a simple strategy, clear direction & consistency, can still pack a punch & attract new clients to your business. 

Marketing that packs a punch
Projects I can help with
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How Can I Support You?

Here are just some of the projects we could work on to get your business booming.

  • Marketing Strategy 

  • Brand Strategy & Messaging

  • Digital Transformation

  • Campaign & Product Launches

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Strategic Partnerships  

  • Website Development 

  • Email Strategy

Don't see what you need? Get in touch & see how I can support you. 

Flexible Consultancy

Choose your preferred level of support & get in touch for rates.

By Hour

By Day

By Project

Do you want to sense check your current strategy? Or is there a marketing challenge you want to clear up? A Power Hour is the perfect remedy for a quick dose of expert advice.

Looking for more in-depth guidance and ongoing support? We can work together either with a set number of hours per week/month or with a day here & there, I'm flexible.

Got a project you want to shout about? I can help with your launch strategy & make sure it goes off with a bang. Take the stress off your shoulders, I'll have it under control.

Support Packages

Kind Words

"Louise is extremely knowledgeable about marketing, at a tactical and wider awareness level, she truly understands the importance of brand."

Matt @ Active Minds

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