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I'm Louise

I'm a brand & marketing consultant on a mission to make sure independent wellness businesses thrive in the digital world.

I’ve worked in brand & marketing roles in the Wellness, Tech & Retail industries for over 15 years now. During that time I’ve experienced working for global brands, launched two tech startups & started my own business, so it’s fair to say if you’re having trouble with your marketing I’ve probably overcome the same challenge at some point!

A Large Mission

Along with the pandemic, a world of digital wellness services exploded abruptly into our homes. Leading the way were the tech-giants & their blockbuster budgets who have made it even harder for independent businesses to be seen & heard.

But the huge impact these smaller businesses have on the physical & mental health of their local communities & followers is just way too important for them not to survive. 

That's why I help independent wellness businesses & professionals to flourish in a digital world with marketing that makes a difference, so they can continue to make a difference with the work that really matters.

A Little Intro

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